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Central Florida Land Trusts For Real Estate Protection

Last updated on June 10, 2024

While land trusts offer compelling advantages, they also involve complex legal considerations regarding how they are structured and used for estate planning purposes. These trusts must comply with Florida’s specific regulations. That is why working with an experienced local estate planning attorney is important when establishing a land trust.

At Law Offices of Mitchell A. Sherman, Esq., I, attorney Mitchell Sherman, will take the time to fully understand your real estate holdings, privacy needs and overall estate objectives. My flat-fee billing structure means no surprise costs as I guide you through properly creating and funding your land trust.

What Is A Land Trust?

A Florida land trust is a legal arrangement where your real estate is titled to a trustee who manages the property according to the terms you set as the beneficiary. Unlike traditional property ownership, your name does not appear on the deed, providing valuable privacy.

Benefits Of Land Trusts For Estate Planning

In a comprehensive Florida estate plan, a land trust can effectively protect and transfer your real estate assets according to your wishes. Some key legal benefits include:

  • Privacy of ownership: As the beneficiary, your identity remains confidential on property records
  • Ease of transfer: Allows for a smoother real estate transfer to your heirs while avoiding probate
  • Creditor protection: While not a guaranteed shield, they provide protection against creditors or lawsuits trying to claim your property

An attorney can help you create a land trust that streamlines your real estate transfer process and protects your Florida legacy according to your wishes.

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Even though the probate process can be lengthy and public, you might want to avoid that hassle for your family. In that case, a land trust can be a great solution!

Whether you live in St. Petersburg, Tampa or anywhere across Central Florida, call Law Offices of Mitchell A. Sherman, Esq., through 727-616-0365 for a free consultation. With personalized legal guidance, I can ensure your land trust accomplishes your specific goals for managing and transferring your valuable properties while complying with state laws.